Ancient Egyptian Papyrus Paper Project: The Day a Miracle Happened

One day a Miracle happened. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. Before I get into that, let me introduce myself. My name is Nedjes and I am a peasant. Peasants aren’t that important but life is still good. I am a builder not a farmer. I hate farming. I once had to help my friend with farming and I hated it.

Now I was in the middle of helping a farmer build a shaduf near the Nile River. I build shaduf before so now it is but the person I was working with kept forgetting what to do. 

“Ok we just need another small tree” I said.

“We do” said the farmer in confused voice.

“Yes we do”I yelled in a come on voice. 

I followed with “How are you supposed to get a bucket of water down there and up here with two sticks in the ground”

“I don’t know” argued the farmer.

At this point I thought I should just leave. I ignored the screams of the farmer for me to get back here. I walked away till I saw some soldiers about three all boys. All of they were dressed in shorts no shirts. 1 had a spear slung over his shoulder. Another had a knife on his belt and the last had a sword and knife on his belt.

One saw me coming and greeted me with“Well, Well, Well, some more prey”.

At that moment I realized they were thieves dressed to look like soldiers. Also at the same moment I tried to run away. I didn’t get very far. At some point I tripped and fell. I got up but I was surrounded by those boys from just a second ago. They unsheathed their weapons and got ready to attack.

One with a sword then said “you are not getting out of this alive.”

I didn’t think I was getting out of this alive ether but right before they charged someone said “STOP” in a very manly voice. I turned to look and saw the pharaoh Palermo. He looked like the richest.

Then he said “seize them.” Then he said take them to court.